Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[Discussion] Apple or Android

Hmm very well, after long time I'm writing a blog, So i came up with a interesting label called "Discussion" and you can visualize some most interesting discussion through this label. And well we come to the main topic. "APPLE OR ANDROID" this is the concept everyone talk about but I'm not talk about the same unfair polls or make winning android. What's the main concept of this topic? It should be Hardware vs Hardware or Software vs Software furthermore it shouldn't be Software or Hardware. People mostly smart phone kiddies even me realizes that Apple is Best Hardware and Android Best Software it's unfair and bad poll no votes. But i really like to provide the differentiate between them because i used these 2 Operating system mobiles.

Apple is always a solid mobile generation and they always keep there demands with them but they were epic-fails on software configurations and sometimes it's get mad. Most of hackers try to hack the apple servers because they were input more rules somehow we heard a news that someone (hacker) hacked a apple server for a racing game. and he quoted "Apple was sucking our money as blood or something". Most people contributed their words like this "Apple smart phones are using by Rich people". Now feel the various of topics when you get inside of this discussion.

Apple is providing good software and Good Operating system but most of application should buy otherwise just case a trial versions. and same GUI looking no more changes but Android is providing different kind of versions Jelly Beans and Ice Cream and Sandwich. Different GUI Styles all updates are solids. There is no holes on their servers. but I will not blame to Apple and we should thanks for Apple because they were introduced the Android indeed. Otherwise no android isn't it?

Everyone can make a discussion through the comments. Now Please provide your reactions :)

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