Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Top 3 Best Skype Alternatives For Free

Are you fed up with Skype due to appeared errors or connection interrupting while you talking with your family or girl friend, Just step ahead to this article and seriously look some awesome skype alternatives.

Google+ HangOut

From my personal point of view is Google + is the next best skype alternative, And Google + is a social network community and which helps you to do web video conference too also known as "Google + Hangout" 


Jitsi is a very good program and mainly created for VoIP (Voice Over IP), Therefore you can share your desktop with your partner and you can get video calls and audio calls, some security purposes they will encrypt your messages and calls. Even jitsy supports more Internet chatting protocols MSN,Aim,Yahoo,ICQ,Windows,MAC,Linux,SIP and more.



VoxOx is another best alternative to skype from this VoxOx you can more benefits to take calls to real phone and cheap rates for messaging to real phone indeed, But you're friend needs VoxOx to make calls.

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