Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to become a Self - Genius

How to become a Genius without going to ask someone about to become as a genius, Well genius is just a word but you should to be act as a genius that's the real genius. Even a crazy guy could to be a genius because he is doing thing weirdly, Therefore people would think educated peoples only considered as "Genius" then what about the uneducated people, I already said you it's just a word and you should to act as a genius. In my point of view everything you researching is making full human rather than watching. Some people recommends to visualize subjects are the perfect way to absorb to your mind then only he could memorize everything what he'd learn from past week. It's totally wrong. Just take this example!

You want to be a Network Security Specialist - So you should gain some key ingredients to become a specialist right? Then you should join some programs to learn the subjects and understanding the various of subjects, But you would be struggle on some lessons (it should be). Then what will you do? You just have a smart phone with you and you can't call to you lecturer but you should find out the correct answer, Then you should to become as a genius and without asking or copying the answer.

Finding Resources
INTERNET -  You can search any query via search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more), Joining some forums and communities in LinkedIn and learning more powerful methods which your lecturer never told about them in the class room.! First read every post and do not post anything maybe if you knew the correct answer. All you have to do is waiting for more than 1 week to post the answers until you should research more complicated stuffs.

You should have a Smart Phone - If you required a smart phone even you could search on internet what ever you want and you don't need to turn on :D

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