Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[Linux-HowTo] Easiest Way to Install Slitaz Linux Distro

What is Slitaz?

Slitaz is a linux mini operating system. and it's very light weight operating system and very easiest way to learn about linux distributions. Click Here to Download Slitaz Operating System - Just 35Mb

How to Install Slitaz Through Windows OS Without Corrupt.

This is very basic tutorial to make you understand how to use this custom program for develop more stuffs, it's just case a mind map.


  • Somehow if any error occurred while you installing in Windows XP make sure shutdown you internet connection.
  • After all open up the Virtual Box and make sure there is a blue ribbon as "New" Click on that and go to next process
  • Write Your New PC name and select the which Operating system that you've going to use. Now we are going to install slitaz linux so you must select the Type is "linux" and Version is "Other Linux"
  • Now they were asking the How much you going to allocate the Ram to the virtual PC. if you have 2 GB Ram in your main pc just shared 1 GB or else if you'd only 1 GB Shared 512 Mb ram. but minimum is 256 Mb ram for this Operating system.
  •  Now you have to select a virtual hardrive from your drive. same as RAM just share your hard disk space to virtual PC.
  • Hard Drive File Type Select "VDI" image
  • Select "Dynamically Allocated"
  • Now size your limit to your hard drive minimum 8 GB or else it's depend on your hard drive size.
  • Now Select host drive is "Slitaz.ISO" Which you downloaded earlier.
  • After that it will start to boot the .ISO
  • After few minutes of running dos it will appear "Slitaz OS" :D
I hope you enjoy of reading this article. If you got any errors while you installing slitaz linux OS make sure provide a comment below. thank you very much.

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