Monday, March 4, 2013

Network spoof? Just annoy others in same wlan

Hello guys, as a IT technician what's your job in your company? Monitoring the clients from doing abusive status from office, a perfect example watching justin video songs etc. :-P

Seriously its very hard when you in a meeting with directors probably those bad asses watching videos on current network :-P and high amount of bandwidth too. YOU FIRED UP! Isn't it?

That's why our android dev deployed a awesome app "Network spoofer" and here is the link

Some how your android should be rooted before installing. You need approximately 600mb on your sd card or internal storage

You can do some most fun hacks through this app. Just flip desktop and gathering most useful dats easily and arpspoofer too. :-)

Im sorry now a days im coming to blogging platform through my sony xperia s. So therefore no clarity pic to make you understand and some misspell too.

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