Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Do you ever heard about 'Visidon app lock'

Do you know what is visidon app lock, it should be in phone, but do i need that app? Yes.
When my friends got my phone they almost or should play temple run then i thought to lock that certain app through the phone, i couldnt delete that game because of i Then i used various locking application and i did not satisfy due to their features almost all apps are adware. Then i thought some how need a solution what is that? Now i think that you realized for why do i need?,
From visidon app lock you'll see some extraordinary performance and features, such as face lock and password, when you selecting face lock in order to train your face angle and try to capture it through your phone front camera and keep password as a backup service.

Sorry i cannot retrieve link through my phone so just go to google store and type 'Visidon App Lock'.
Simply its a very handy app. :) ill post another great tutorials so stay tuned and subscribe us now.

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